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igloo architecture - G Apartment, 2004

G Apartment, 2004

The arranging concept for this apartment situated at the last level of an inter-war building started from the idea of complete interior transparence inside an opaque setting. With minimal modifications to the subdivision of the space, it is the obtained spatial fluidity that cancels the functional rigidity inherent for an apartment. Sliding glass panels replaced traditional doors and the door frame was treated the same as the rest of the wall in order to lessen the impression of gate, of passage space. The arranging is remarkable especially due to the watching of the transparence limits, together with treatment of all details consequently. For example, the bathroom door is made of see-through glass, although the bathroom is accessed straight from the living room.
The old, collectable pieces of furniture combine in a very cinematographic way with the new ones, custom-drawn and executed. The central point of the composition is constituted by the red leather sofa around which the whole assembly actually revolves.

Authors: Bruno Andresoiu, Adrian Ciocazanu

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